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Rubber Antioxidants SP/P
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Specification of Rubber Antioxidants SP/P

Chemical formula: C8n + 6H9n + 4O

Physical Property:
Montclair SPP is the coloring of medium activity. Nondiscoloring antioxidants for satay and solid runner formulations, and are stabilizers for synthetic elastomers. Montaclere SP / P is a general purpose antioxidant that provides oxidation and propertide resistance to moderate heat aging in NR, and in SBR, NBR, IR, BR and CR.

Widely used in whire and bright-colored applications such as shoe sole, general mechanical items, carpet mats, floors, sporting goods, and latex. Montaclere SPP can reduce the "crazing" durface caused by UV degradation. Montaclere SPP can be used alone or in combination with other antioxidants for stabilization of synthetic elastomers.

Packaging: 25kg / bag

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